• Vacuum Filtration System

    A two-piece vacuum funnel is a laboratory device for clarify liquids at high speed and short time using a vacuum. This funnel is usually made of different materials (steel, glass and plastic). In this funnel, the filter is placed on the surface of a lace or porous glass. This device is commonly used in various laboratories to separate sediments, clarify synthetic materials and dry the resulting materials.

    We’ve combined our best-selling filtration products into complete kits for your convenience. All kits include a filtering flask, Buchner funnel, one-hole stopper, vacuum tubing, filter forceps, and filter paper. Some kits even include a vacuum pump.

    Suction filtration is a chemical laboratory method that allows further filtration. vacuum filtration is primarily used to collect the desired solid, for example, collecting crystals in a recrystallization method. In vacuum filtration, a Buchner funnel and a side arm flask are used. Vacuum filtration is faster than gravity filtration because the solvent or solution and air enter through the filter paper with reduced pressure. Do not use vacuum filtration if you are looking for liquids and if the liquid is low boiling. Any solvent that boils at about 125 degrees or lower will be under reduced pressure in a vacuum boiling flask.

  • Hydrothermal Reactor

    The nanosize group is proud to have been able to design a reactor that is simple and very safe. Built-in reactors are also resistant to acidic and alkaline environments. This reactor can be used to synthesize many nanostructures and is made in different volumes.

    It uses a hydrothermal autoclave reactor to transmit a hydrothermal reaction at high pressure and high temperature. There are generally two types of hydrothermal synthesis reactors. The first reactors are polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or Teflon hydrothermal reactors and the second are PPL coated autoclaves.

  • Handheld Vial Crimping Tool (For Flip-Off Caps and Aluminum Seals

    Penicillin glass cap sealing device (crimper) is used to seal the penicillin glass door with a size of 20 mm.

    With a lot of time and effort, we were able to design a device that meets the needs of various centers such as universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, etc. The price of this device is lower compared to other models, but it has a high quality. This product also has a six-month warranty.


     Material: Stainless Steel 304 and Aluminum
    Material Of The Cap: Aluminum-Plastic
    Color: Dark brown
    Diameter Of The Cap: 20mm
    Made in Iran

    This device can be used in pharmaceutical
    companies, research institutes, laboratories,
    hospital, beverage factory, etc where people
    need to cap easy-open lid and aluminum lid